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In this episode, Cliff and Fr. Roderick discuss recent news that states that Jillian Michaels may be leaving the Biggest Loser after season 11. Also, they talk about changes in life and the opportunites to either worry about the change to see them as opportunites for growth.

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  • One of the new trainers is Brett Hoebel (I think) who created the workout RevAbs. I’m a huge fan of his, and I think he’ll be successful on BL. Though of course Bob and Jillian are tough acts to follow.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve not heard of either of these two new trainers. However, I hadn’t heard of Bob & Jillian until the Biggest Loser show. 😉 I’m glad to know that one of the trainers is already someone who impresses you.

    Many blessings to you in the new year!