071 Balanced Living Weekly – Summer Vacation Thoughts


Biggest Loser PodcastIn this episode of Balanced Living Weekly, Cliff and Father Roderick share some some thoughts about their summer vacations.

Cliff just returned from an 11 day trip with his family while Fr. Roderick is currently on vacation in Spain.

Listen to learn how a summer vcation fits into their pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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  • In this episode, Cliff mentioned that he discovered Ikea after a new store opened near him. Maybe Cliff would be interested in the following Ikea-related humor:

    Mark Lives In Ikea, starring Mark Malkoff, a friend of the GSPN community


    The song “Ikea” by Jonathan Coulton, which contains only one expletive and is the funniest (and only?) song I have ever heard about Ikea.


    Enjoy! I am long overdue for a trip to Ikea myself…

  • I’d see Mark’s videos. Funny stuff. The song reminds me a little of Greatest American Hero theme song at the beginning. 🙂