075 Balanced Living Weekly – Where Do I Begin?


Biggest Loser PodcastIn this episode of Balanced Living Weekly, Cliff and Father Roderick share where they are in their journey of pursuing a balanced healthy lifestyle. During the recoridng of this episode, Colin had asked how to begin a journey of pursuing greater health when you start out weighing 288 pounds.

We hope that this episode inspires you to take steps toward more balance in your life. If it has, please let us know in the comments section below or give us a call on our feedback hotline at 859-795-4067.

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Here are the iTunes Links for both Fr. Roderick’s & Cliff’s personal podcasts where they share their individual journey of pursuing a more healthy, balanced life.

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  • Knitcreationsbyjonni

    Hello Gentlemen.
    Whyare there no comments on your posts?
    I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. I did start listening because of the “Biggest Loser” title. But I stayed because of your Christian views and the health factor together. That is my life in a nutshell. Also, your chemistry is inviting.
    Thank you for putting this together for all of us who listen.
    I have a little blog about being healthy, one follower so far (ha ha) but I wanted to ask your permission to put the link to your podcast on my page.
    the page is http://www.jonnisfitcamp.blogspot.com
    if you would like to check the content.
    thank you again.

  • Jonni, sure, feel free to put a link to our page. Though, we actually have two of them. I would recommend using http://BalancedLivingWeekly.com as we plan to eventually abandon the Biggest Loser Page.