Dining Out Strategies


foodstrategiesHow do you keep control over your calories when you go to a restaurant or order for delivery? Cliff and Fr. Roderick discuss various food strategies and talk about the lessons learned from this week’s Biggest Loser.

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  • Susan

    Hi- had trouble downloading this episode on itunes- Thanks for the continued inspiration and fun.

  • Fr. Roderick

    Hi Susan, it might have been a temporary hiccup. Try refreshing your feed (unsubscribe and resubscribe), and download again. If the episode plays on the site (which it does), it should download in iTunes.

  • Susan

    Got it Father- Sorry I am so computer challanged! I really liked the tips you gave this week- very practical. Thanks!

  • Diana

    When I know I’m going to eat out, I check the nutrition information online, if available, and make a choice ahead of time – putting the calorie total into the online calorie counter I use to see how it will work out for me for the day. I also make suggestions if asked where I want to eat out. And, when in doubt, there’s always the green salad with dressing on the side (dip the fork). And, when in huge doubt, I order something to drink and eat later. If the people I’m with give me a hard time about it, I just tell them that I’m eating for my life here so every single bite means something to me. Birthday cakes, etc, I grab one bite from someone else’s plate and drink some coffee and that’s it.

    I’m in the process of shedding 100+ pounds, motivated by uterine cancer and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis – all within two years and from obesity. I finally decided two wake-up calls was enough. I’ll be 50 soon and want to live out the rest of my life as the thin and active person I was for the first 35 years of my life!