Calories In, Calories Out


caloriesincaloriesoutThe importance of community support in weight loss efforts; why losing weight comes down to calories in – calories out. How to count calories; reading food labels; how to calculate your BMI.

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  • Renee

    Great podcast, Gentlemen! I look forward to catching up. I believe I’ve found my motivation to continue my weight loss journey. Thank you! 🙂

    Another suggestion for beginners – take your measurements. I regret not having done so when began losing weight last year.

  • Diana

    Today I had an epiphany about achieving my health goal. I realized that instead of focusing “down the road” where my ultimate goal lies, I only need to focus on today, on this moment actually, because this moment is the only one I have. “Down the road” hasn’t happened yet. This idea helps me because I only have to make choices for right now. It makes the goal of losing approximately 147 pounds attainable.

    I will be 50 in March of 2012. By then I will have a BMI between 21 – 24 and my blood sugar will be within normal A1c ranges. Unto that end, my choices each and every moment will be regular physical exercise, healthy non-processed foods in appropriate amounts, and proper rest.

    At this moment, my BMI is 45 and my A1c is 7.2 (at last measurement). Due to obesity, I’ve had uterine cancer (five years ago) and have had type 2 diabetes for the last three years. Since the cancer diagnosis, I’ve lost 44 pounds. Since the diabetes diagnosis, I’ve lost 10 pounds. Recently I decided that I’ve become tired of being fat for the last ten years and that I’m going to live out the rest of my life as healthily as possible. Enough damage has been done.

    Unto that end, I arise at 4 AM and get myself over to the gym (open 24 hours so there are no excuses) daily and have been deemed by my friends as the healthiest eater they know. There are absolutely no exceptions, ever, for what I eat. The only time I skip the gym is when my daily schedule has unavoidably made me get home too late to have a healthy amount of sleep. I say “no” a lot to extra, unhealthy activities. I use to watch the calories, keep track of the weight and calculate the BMI. Before working out I get on the scales so that I’m accountable every day.

    I figure I’m the only one I have to live with for the rest of my life and that I want that time to be as enjoyable as possible, so I don’t care if someone is “put off” because I didn’t eat something/ stay up late/ need to work out…

    Thanks for the great show. I love your insights. I’ve never watched the television version and don’t really feel the need in order to get a great deal from your podcast.