034 Biggest Loser – Going To The Gym


Biggest Loser Podcast[audio:
Biggest Loser Fan Podcast
With Cliff Ravenscraft & Father Roderick

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In this episode, Cliff and Father Roderick talk about the ideas of joining a team sport or getting a membership to a local gym. These two conversations were prompted by Cliff listening to episode 40 of Fr. Roderick’s Healthy Catholic Podcast.

Also, in this episode, Cliff shares some thoughts about the effects of a three day vacation and returning back to work. This conversation is more about the benefits of going out for a walk to help clear your mind and to boost your creativity. In the podcast, Cliff mentioned that he would publish a link to download this episode of the Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast, a podcast where many episodes are reserved for paying subscribers to that podcast. As promised, the following is a link where you can download this episode for free.

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Healthy Catholic Podcast with Fr. Roderick
Pursuing A Balanced Life with Cliff Ravenscraft

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Our First VIDEO FEEDBACK for the Biggest Loser Fan Podcast

So I was checking and responding to comments on all the podcast sites that I manage and I noticed that Byron Friday (Twitter Link) had created the following VIDEO FEEDBACK for the Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast and Biggest Loser Fan Podcast.

Thanks so much Byron! Keep up the #PABL.

Interview With Pete Thomas From Season 2 of The Biggest Loser


Biggest Loser Fan Podcast
With Cliff Ravenscraft & Father Roderick

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In this episode, Cliff and Father Roderick have the privilege of talking with Pete Thomas from season 2 of the Biggest Loser. Pete once weighed 416 pounds. He spent 62 days on the Biggest Loser Ranch and lost 83 pounds before he was sent home. Pete Thomas However, while at home, he lost an additional 102 pounds and came back to win the At Home Challenge earning him a $100,000 prize.

Pete wanted to come on to the Biggest Loser Podcast to talk about the Healthy Weight Match Up Challenge where you could work as a team with some friends in an effort to loose weight and have a chance at winning $10,000. For more details, please click here.

In the interview, Pete shares his thoughts as to what the “Secret Sauce” is on why people are so effective at loosing weight while on the Biggest Loser Ranch. The best part is that when you hear the secret sauce, you’ll see that you can easily apply this to your own situation at home.

If you would like to follow Pete’s continued journey, I’ve placed links to his Blog, Twitter Profile, and Facebook Profile below. Be sure to thank him for coming onto the Biggest Loser Podcast!

Check out Pete’s Blog at WinningMan.com
Follow @PeteThomas on Twitter
Connect With Pete Thomas on Facebook


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Before And During Photos of Kim Warner

We just received the following email and photos from Kim Warner. Join us in celebrating with her!

Hi again Cliff and Fr Roderick – I know Cliff has posted some progress photos of himself and others who have lost weight, so thought I’d send mine as well. These are not ‘before’ and ‘after’, but ‘before’ and ‘during’ because I’m not yet to my goal. 🙂

I hope my voice feedback came through okay – love your guys’ shows – keep up the great work!

Kim Warner
Russell Springs, KY

Kim Warner 310Kim Warner 230

Another Real Life Before And After Photo

Hey everyone. I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Stephanie Ravenscraft. I can’t tell you just how excited I am for the progress she’s made this past year.

I really don’t have to say a whole lot. The picture pretty much speaks for itself.


I hope these photos are a source of inspiration to you. Seriously, if we can do this, so can you!

The best part is that with all the before and after photos we’ve posted so far, there no special diet pills, no health supplements, or anything like that.

Results like these are available without spending hundreds of dollars on memberships and specially prepared meals.

It’s all about making more healthy food choices, counting calories, and daily intentional physical activity.

Jenn Davis Is Another Big Loser!

Hey everyone,

Cliff here and I have something really exciting that I wanted to share. My friend Jenn Davis started her pursuit of a more balanced life earlier this year. Like many others, she decided to make drastic lifestyle changes.

The other day we day we posted Before and After photos of ourselves (Fr. Roderick and Cliff). Here’s another example that you don’t have to be on the tv show just to be a big loser like us!

Here’s what she has accomplished over the course of the past few months:

How did she do it? No secret here. She changed what types of foods that she eats, she has daily, intentional physical activity, and she counts her calories. Sound familiar?

Don’t wait till New Years Eve to make a decision for something different. Decide now to introduce the “new you” at this years New Year’s Eve Party!

Before and After

In the second episode of the Biggest Loser Fan Podcast, we promised you some before and after pictures of Cliff and Fr. Roderick. Here they are!

before_after_cliff before_after_frroderick