Food Temptations And A Major Challenge


Biggest Loser Podcast[audio:]
Biggest Loser Fan Podcast
With Cliff Ravenscraft & Father Roderick

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In this episode, Cliff and Father Roderick recap the past few episodes of The Biggest Loser, share several pieces of audio feedback from the Biggest Loser Fan Podcast Community.



  • invisiblemissile

    Hi, Cliff and Father Roderick,

    Loved the podcast! I followed Cliff over from my beloved gspn lost podcast. Sounds lik we share two obsessions – Lost and losing weight. Both are ending shortly, Lost in 13 days and weight loss sometime this year. I have lost 28 and have 47 more pounds to go. I was so inspired by your podcast and by your listener emails! I'm pledging today to lose 8 pounds in time for my own Lost party on May 23. I still won't indulge in the boar meat and Dharma beer at my party but I'll drink a Perrier toast to us meeting our mini-goals. Thanks!

  • bethanyio

    Cliff & Fr. Roderick, I love your podcast (podcasts really, I listen to a couple)! And I love that you have a +Zune button now (as I am a Zune user 🙂 About 3 years ago I lost 40 lbs with Weight Watchers and I was 165 – lighter than I had ever been… well, that was short lived and I not only gained the weight back, but am 215! I keep 're-starting' and trying to get on the ball, but I use health problems (fibromyalgia, food allergies, etc.) and a busy life to excuse my eating habits. I do exercise, I listen to your podcast while I am at the YMCA, and have a red belt in Tang Soo Do, which I take with my 6 year old, but I just cannot get away from rewarding and punishing myself with food. So – I want to post my goal for this week so that it is out there – No Drive Thru! No drinks with calories! There they are… Hopefully my inner McDonald's junkie won't take over!

  • I'm so excited to know that you are so close to your goal! Congratulations!

    Thanks so much for commenting on the site!

  • Bethany, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I pray that you'll find a way to get back to your idea weight and that you'll find a way to keep it off for a a lifetime.

  • invisiblemissile

    Thanks! Re May 23rd goal, haven't lost any of my 8 pounds. you?

  • I've lost four pounds in the past week so far. 😉

  • invisiblemissile

    Great job!  You're going to make it.

    invisibile missile

  • Bethanyio

    Thanks Cliff! No drive thru +no calorie laden drinks (especially fancy coffee drinks) = 3 lbs of weight loss this week!! Hopefully small changes like this will be key for me!

    Can't wait for the BL Finale!!

  • invisiblemissile

    As to my own outrageous goal of losing 8 pounds by May 23, I am down 2.2 pounds. 5.8 pounds to go.

  • Congrats on the 3lbs of weight loss…. That is excellent news!

  • 2.2lbs is great! Keep it up!

  • invisiblemissile

    Thanks for your encouragement! I didn't quite reach my goal of losing 8 pounds by the Lost finale but I did lose 6 pounds. I'm happy with that! Onward and upward.

  • Six pounds is awesome! Great job!

  • Six pounds is awesome! Great job!