Jenn Davis Is Another Big Loser!

Hey everyone,

Cliff here and I have something really exciting that I wanted to share. My friend Jenn Davis started her pursuit of a more balanced life earlier this year. Like many others, she decided to make drastic lifestyle changes.

The other day we day we posted Before and After photos of ourselves (Fr. Roderick and Cliff). Here’s another example that you don’t have to be on the tv show just to be a big loser like us!

Here’s what she has accomplished over the course of the past few months:

How did she do it? No secret here. She changed what types of foods that she eats, she has daily, intentional physical activity, and she counts her calories. Sound familiar?

Don’t wait till New Years Eve to make a decision for something different. Decide now to introduce the “new you” at this years New Year’s Eve Party!