Second Chances


secondchancesCliff and Fr. Roderick talk about the first episode of the new season of The Biggest Loser US and share tips and information on losing weight, getting fit, eating right and living a balanced life.

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  • Attended the live show, was an amazing first episode Cliff! Keep them coming! 🙂

  • Super excited about this new podcast! I just started watching Biggest Loser – not sure how I’ve missed the last few years! I’m enjoying watching it with the family and we all are learning a lot! Can’t wait to listen to this episode.

  • Jim Smith

    Great first show. I hope you will continue Healthy Catholic as well Father.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft

    Lee, Jim & Amy,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here on the blog!

    I’m with you Amy, I’m not sure why I hadn’t been watching this show all along!

  • Great first episode! Looking forward to more of them. I will have to start watching Biggest Loser myself now. Kristen has been watching it for the last couple of years now and she loves it.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft


    Knowing how much you desire to #PABL this TV Show should be be PERFECT motivation for you.


  • Susan Schafer

    I loved the podcast. I will call you in a voice mail as soon as I come up with some goals.

  • Barb in Nebraska

    Thanks for putting this show together! I’m excited that the 2 communities can support each other in a wonderful goal.

    I am a Weight Watcher member and I was excited to find that there’s an app for my iPod Touch that I can use to track my points. I never would have looked if you hadn’t have mentioned the tracking app that you use. Thank you!

  • As my co worker would say OMG.

    The day that you guys put something like this out I was very, very happy. To have two of my favorite podcaster doing one podcast was the best thing. I just have an I pod so the more and more that I listen to people having Ipod touch’s I might get one sooner then I thought.

  • Rother

    Fr. Roderick are you sure you have not lost too much weight, you do not look well to me.
    Comments on the new podcast, would prefer more Daily Breakfast

    many thanks

  • Rother

    Hi again have you tried this software for watching UK BBC and other shows online

  • I finally listened to the first episode. Great job, guys! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to produce this show that will encourage and help others to get healthier in order to serve God and others better.

    As someone who has lost (gained some back and lost again) about 50 lbs. over the course of the last several years I know what a difference it makes to get that weight off. I was even able to ride 425 miles in a bicycle tour this summer because of the healthier lifestyle. It felt so great to achieve something that I never would have even considered a few years earlier. If you trust in God and put in the work, you can do it!!

    I have subscribed to the podcast and will keep listening for sure!


  • linda

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for this show, i unfortunately can’t watch the biggest loser b/c I live in holland and there for cant watch it on tv and not on the internet. Which really sucks, i mean i always watch the australian version, that ican follow on the internet, but darn those americans 😉

    I still do enjoy the show though, I’m #PABL-ing too.
    Lost 40 pounds so far 😀 and still going strong 😀

    Thanks for the show guys 😀

  • ket

    the show is rigged. I do not believe Amanda should still be in. It is not who losses the most weight it is who you decide may bring the most media coverage.

    Not watching tonight as I am disappointed that it is another young women getting media attention and not the ones who work so hard to loose the weight.

  • Super excited about this new podcast! I just started watching Biggest Loser – not sure how I've missed the last few years! I'm enjoying watching it with the family and we all are learning a lot! Can't wait to listen to this episode.