Your Feelings Are A Compass


Biggest Loser Podcast[audio:]
Biggest Loser Fan Podcast
With Cliff Ravenscraft & Father Roderick

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In This Episode:

We take a look at Week 3 of the Biggest Loser. This episode is a perfect example of how living a healthier lifestyle is not simply about loosing weight. At times we need to allow our emotions to help us navigate through issues that we may have suppressed and neglected to deal with in our past.



  • Maxine

    Just to say congratulation to have manage to got two old contestant on the show, that’s just great 🙂 I’m really waiting to hear some inside and getting them surely wasn’t easy for you so thanks guys.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft

    Thanks Maxine, We are pretty excited about having them on.

    I appreciate your feedback!